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Who Pays the Bills?

They say money talks. But you know what? So do we.

WhoPaysTheBills is a platform that exposes the influence of money in politics by revealing representatives' financial backers. (Because let’s face it: in this country, the ones cashing in are the ones who already have money to burn.) Without real reform, our reps will keep making decisions that just happen to benefit their biggest backers.

And we’re done buying what they’re selling.
WhoPaystheBills begins with a Chrome extension.

Whenever a representative appears in the headlines, users can hover to see which industries are backing the politician’s campaigns (and likely asking for favors in return).

This revealing data, paired with feisty copy and a patriotic aethetic, prompts users to share.
The WhoPaysTheBills mission comes to life in the newsfeed through a set of arresting ‘ransom-note’ headlines.

When followers want to see who’s making it rain for their own rep, a few taps bring them to the WhoPaysTheBills platform.
On Representative Detail Pages, we emphasize dollar signs, but we also compile a stream of all articles that have been activated by the extension.

This content stream helps us present an overview of the representative in the media alongside their real-time donation data.

That’s an unsettling combination.
At it’s core, WhoPaysTheBills is built on a mission of transparency and data-driven awareness.

But being straightforward doesn’t mean being boring. We filled the platform with honest details, real language, and a sassy undertone.

Because, democracy.
Teamwork makes the dream work: Words by Rachel. Strategy by Brad.