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L'Oreal Paris USA (.com)

@ R/GA New York, Designer: Tasked with elevating the L'Oréal Paris USA digital experience, we aimed to create a design system that would be unique (yet flexible) and encourage an effortless flow from content discovery to education and purchase. We were challenged to ensure that both internal and external stakeholders were rallied behind the redesign and excited to leverage it.
The design aesthetic needed to stand apart from competitors and be instantly recognizable, while retaining the L'Oréal tenets: Modern, Expressive, & Authoritative. We needed to communicate that L'Oréal Paris is an authority in all facets of the beauty conversation while effortlessly supporting unique content requirements for each of the five product categories.

The resulting system considered each point in the purchase journey: ensuring category-level content pages felt expressive and instructional, while product search and purchase felt naturally utilitarian.

Overall, I designed more than 20 flexible modules and hundreds of pages, including category & subcategory pages, product detail pages, login & checkout flows, editorial content hubs, branded page experiences, and site-wide navigation.