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Lightning Bug Salsas

@ CP+B Boulder / Freelance, Designer: Though this brand’s name infers innocent childhood adventures of capturing fireflies in jars, the hand-made products created at Lighting Bug Salsas are exceptionally daring. Bold, graphic typography and vivid colors are combined with hand-cut cords and paper wrappings to communicate this exciting yet home-spun presence.
The Lightning Bug identity materials create the opportunity for the brand to communicate their electrifying, fun brand personality with potential distributors and consumers. Splashes of color and an integration of the firefly symbol combine to ensure a cohesive suite of materials.
Lightning Bug creates and jars their salsas by hand; therefore, it was important that their packages remain simple to execute. By designing a label and paper wrappings around classic jar shapes, Lighting Bug is able to share their unique flavors with the world in effortless, well-suited packages
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