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@ R/GA New York, Designer: Delivery seems simple. An invisible, magical process that happens between the buy button and a box appearing on your front steps. But moving that box from Point A to Point B isn't simple. It requires complex layers of processing and days (sometimes weeks) of transit. Consumers aren't willing to wait for that. It's time to simplify delivery: time to start getting goods where they're going faster and smarter. To finally begin to exceed expectations in a culture of instant gratification. To make sure boxes not only show up on time, but exactly when you want them. Introducing Darkstore: The first ever 3PL for on-demand delivery.
Founded in the aesthetic of our most iconic forms of transport, the Darkstore brand instantly communicates digital prowess and innovation while retaining a nod to its classic, human foundation.
A dynamic digital system of propelled lines and simple pathways underscores Darkstore's core belief: that there's a simpler way from A to B.