Accomplishments & recognition:

  • 2000 Kicked a football further than all of the boys in 4th grade.
  • 2002 Won my pet cow, Kelsie KlaustermeierDaisy, a blue ribbon at the fair.
  • 2004 Designed a website for my Kelsie Klaustermeierfirst client (Dad).
  • 2010 Built a life-sized paper-mâché replica of the Pink Panther.
  • 2014 Moved to NYC. Moonlighted as a cheap (free) Kelsie Klaustermeierhair model.
  • 2017 Relocated to the left coast. Reunited with Kelsie Klaustermeiertrees.
  • 2018 Visited MLB stadium #10 (of 30). Almost caught a fly ball.
Hi, I'm Kelsie. I love prototypes, problems, and sleeping outside. HMU if you’re making a thing that might make a difference. (I'm in)